Annabel Milne Art - Paintings,drawings & murals - private and public commissions
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Baboons in the GrassMeerkatsConversation with a ChimpanzeeOstrich family
Buffalo & OxpeckerThe OppressedMalaysian TapirsSpringbok
TigerSleeping TerrierLurchers in the SnowTyger,Tyger
Running HareSwimming PenguinsMad March HaresRed Squirrel
I am fascinated by animals-their form, movement, textures, patterns and colour. Many of my paintings and drawings were done in Africa, Jamaica and Malaysia where I spent much of my life and more recently in Northumberland and the Scottish Borders.I am also passionate about their conservation and preserving their habitat.I use a range of media in my work : acrylics,watercolours, pencils,pastels,wax and charcoal.
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